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Chosen But Delayed

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

So he sent for him and had him brought in. He was glowing with health and had a fine appearance and handsome features.

1 Samuel 16:12 (NIV)

Growing up I think one of the most rewarding feelings was playing outside with your friends; amid this technological age children have not encountered the joys regarding outside play. We used to play tag, 1-2-3 red light, hide-go-seek, etc. I recall going to the basketball court in the neighborhood or at a family picnic to run a pickup game, if ever there was a nervous moment was the moment of whether you would be selected to be on the team. I was not the greatest basketball player, but I was selected to be on the team even though I didn’t start the game. During my younger age I wrestled with being Chosen but Delayed, in my adult years this concept makes much more sense to me.

It’s here in the verse for today that we read the selection process for young David to become the next King. Saul has been rejected by God and now God has directed Samuel to anoint the next king who will come from Jesse’s house. Samuel has gone through all of Jesse’s sons in the house who look like they should be king yet none of them are chosen. As a result Samuel asks Jesse are these all your sons. Jesse responds there is still the youngest who is tending sheep, they send for him. Then the lord said to Samuel, “arise and anoint him; this is the one.” David has been chosen to become the next King, but he doesn’t take the throne immediately, in fact scholars suggest it was at least 15 or so years before David walks in this new assignment.

How do you move forward knowing that you’ve been chosen for a position yet there is delay in your fulfillment of the position? You’ve been chosen but delayed, waiting while knowing the job or role is yours, wrestling with the clock of God. I recognize this is what you’ve gifted me to do but where is the door for me to walk through for utilization of the gift? I believe that during the process of delay there is development! How did you manage the delay? What feelings or emotions arise during your waiting process? I know God’s timing is the best timing but what about how I am feeling at this holding place, delay doesn’t change my being chosen but there are still some things that come with the delay.

Talk to me readers…….

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