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Looking for An Opportunity

”And from that moment he began to look for an opportunity to betray him.“

Matthew 26:16 NRSV


One of the conversations I have been having with Josh lately is regarding working, he has persistently been looking for an opportunity of employment. Applying for several positions, filling out applications and yet still no opportunity has opened for him. As a father I have enjoyed his persistence, motivation, and willingness to keep attempting until successful. Living in this present society one must ask what levels of consistency are exhibited when it comes to reaching our desires and attaining the levels of success? The questions must be raised, how bad do you want it? Has the mindset of any means necessary been adopted in your drive to accomplish what you set out for?


It’s been pinned as “Spy Wednesday” to some because it’s the day Judas Iscariot offers to betray Jesus. After being one of the inner circle members of Jesus’s crew, now Judas propositions the chief about the price for betraying Jesus. Please remember Judas was not asked to complete this task but rather volunteered. One must be careful of those who desire betrayal inwardly, who’s in your circle if given the chance would betray you for a price? Unfortunately, some of the greatest moments of betrayal come from those closest to us. Betrayal in my opinion is one person’s dissatisfaction with their own lack that leads to jealous behaviors toward another. Here it is, once the business aspect was handled Judas began looking for every opportunity to betray Jesus. This level of determination to betray Jesus became Judas’s top priority, there would be no rest until then. Ultimately, we discover Judas was successful. In looking for every opportunity to betray Jesus we learn from Judas the value in maintaining persistence in the process. We don’t have to agree with Judas’s actions to learn from his story. Have you stopped pursuing every opportunity for what you desire because it seems difficult or exhausting? Judas kept looking for a convenient time, don’t stop until you find the opportunity.

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